Forms+Surfaces Fixtures

I'm using Forms+Surfaces outdoor fixtures in my project for their durability and industrial design, which I think compliments the industrial quality of my project.

Here are some pictures of fixtures I am using:

bike racks will be made of these three different models, I think they best represent the organic shapes of the plant life they will be adjacent to:

Hardware for doors:

Outdoor trash recepticles: An emphasis on recycling is present.

Awesome bench inspired by a bridge/OVERPASS!

Great outdoor seating, has a softer industrial feel which I think will work nicely within the hard-edged container spaces.

This is the "modern bistro" seating I am referring to for my space adjacent to the deli and dairy. They do not offer umbrellas through this company, so I chose a black suncloth type textured umbrella in my model.

These chairs are extremely durable and come in custom colors- I would like to go with white to keep it a clean look, but I know in reality it would be hard to keep white chairs clean, any thoughts?

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