Dairy and Deli

A close-up perspective of the deli and dairy stores.

Close-up of the deli store, "Chop'n'slice". The back of house area will not be open like the dairy store because I figured people wouldn't want to see meats being sliced! This is an in-and-out space, meaning I don't want people to linger. I am having a prepared sandwich case right at the entrance for grab-n-go eats, where people can then move outside to the modern bistro area.

The dairy store, "Dairyair". The layout of this space allows people to sit and enjoy their purchases, such as ice cream, which you might want to eat right away. Much like the bakery setup, this won't be a space to go in and out quickly, I want the customers to linger a little longer and enjoy the space, so more attention to detail was taken.

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