Changes to the site, landscaping ideas

The site has changed dramatically and has been developed to create an outdoor space that can accomodate many different types of functions. Trying to give some interest, I gradually stepped down the right side of the site to six 20' shipping containers which can be used as a "farmer's market" space on the weekends to vendors who are smaller and don't want to have a full-time business.

Here's a close-up shot of that area. It's adjacent to the driveway that accesses the underground storage containers. I felt these containers would also serve as a visual block for this part of the site... delivery areas typically aren't seen and are behind buildings.

This is a shot from the open air seating area that is adjacent to the "farmer's market" area. I wanted to mimic/accentuate the staggered effect I created with the layout of my shipping containers, and I felt this would acheive that. it creates a really interesting space where people can gather in a shaded space since there are no trees in this part of the site.

This is a close-up of the courtyard space that I created. Again, I'm trying to accentuate the staggered effect I created with my container layout, so I created a modern, sort of minimalist site that was inspired by the area in front of the Shaw Center in downtown Baton Rouge. The fountains will not only serve as visual interest, but I want them to be able to tilt at night to water the adjacent landscaping. You can also see the start of bike parking.

Here's a close-up of another seating area adjacent to the deli and dairy store. The 40' container you see in the background is where I am proposing public restrooms to be housed. The idea behind this space is to create a modern bistro setting, but it definitely needs further development.

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