the "ecommodations" above the stores... loft apartment model

The past few days I've been playing in sketchup trying to get a grasp on how to design the apartments. There seem to be ideas that oppose each other: should I embrace the container/box and plan accordingly or should I make the interior feel non-box? I started playing in AutoCAD with arrangments but I had a hard time visualizing how the space would really feel, so I decided to work backwards and play in Google Sketchup first. Here are the results:

An overall ariel view showing where this unit exists on the site. Once I have nailed down the final design, this will be repeated for every layout. All of the units will be identical and will allow the tenant to fill it with whatever they think is necessary.

A front view of the unit. To the left are a 40' container below, with frosted glass front to provide privacy as this is the closet/dressing area off of the bathroom. The loft bedroom is above in a 20' container and has a glass front to allow maximum sunlight and view. To the right is the kitchen and dining area in a 20' container.

Close-up of kitchen and dining area, with living room beyond.

View of back , which will face the railroad and berm.

Close-up shot of living room area, with stairs to loft. Living room has a built-in sofa and desk combo, attached to the wall of the bathroom. The built-ins are made of sustainable bamboo and the floors are a pour-in white epoxy. This epoxy flooring will be consistent throughout all the units.

A shot of the bathroom. The odd area under the stairs is utilized as a great storage area. The bamboo wood is used again here as pull-out components used for storage, and also an area to hang clothes.

A close-up of the area beyond the bathroom that serves as a closet and dressing area.

Above the closet and bathroom areas is the loft bedroom. This is a smaller space made from a 20' shipping container with the bottom cut out. The actual floor of the space sits on the ceiling of the bathroom and closet area. I have placed a queen sized bed in this area, but if a twin were placed here more space would be available. The idea of living above your workspace is again presented here with the separation of your work and sleeping space.



I added balconies, and I'm beginning to manipulate the containers themselves by cutting away material.


sketchup images as of today

Here are some screenshots of the development of my site and container layouts. It has evolved quite a bit from the shot two postings ago.

First shot shows an arial/frontal view of the new layout.

Second show shows a side elevation perspective, and shows how the underground delivery and storage will be accessed. It also shows the sound barrier berm that has been developed behind the market spaces. This will be further developed in the coming week.


Floor Plans

Some sketches of the market floor plan.

Many changes... a long overdue posting

After my mid-term review, a lot of changes have been made to my project that will make it more feasible and practical, while at the same time enhancing its visual appeal. Instead of having a seperate market area and separate housing, I decided if I really wanted to keep with an old shopping market feel, then I could incorporate housing above each shop. It would be going back to old ways of living above your work environment, or the shop owners would have the option to rent out the apartments above for extra income. I have also decided to make the market three-four containers high, with the first level being recessed into the ground. Delivery will be made underneath with a tunnel that is built below ground level. More details of this to come in later postings. Also, the overall layout is now staggered and multi-leveled. This compliments the site much better- before I was planning the layout seperate from the site, just placing a "box of boxes" into an awkward space. Now, I am trying to make the most of this unusual space and angled property lines and make a unique layout that treats the shipping containers more like "legos" and less like a group of boxes. Some pictures are posted below to show the evolution of the site. More to follow.