Logo Research

I thought I had settled on a logo, but I keep revisiting what I had created, which were different variations of the banner at the top of this page. I think it might be too "cutesy" for what I'm trying to achieve. While it does in a way show what exactly "ecommodate" is as a component, a shipping container building, it doesn't really capture the spirit of the project.

ECOMMODATE= Economical: Accomodate: Ecological.

I reseached a little more today, and found these really interesting "barcode art" pieces. There are several movies out there that play with the idea that we will become "numbers" or "barcoded" in the future and become anonymous. This kind of makes a barcode whimsical and a lighter subject, reducing the stigma it might have. I like this connection because I'm trying to lift two stigmas in my project: shipping containers as mere containers/confinement/boxes and also my location, an overpass, which is commonly connected to homelessness.

So to wrap it up, I think a barcode-type logo will be interesting and catchy. Economical factors are an obvious relation to a barcode as it is, but after some manipulating of it I think I can also tie it to accomodating and ecological factors. More to come!

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  1. i love all of those !! what if some form of the barcode was your main logo....and then you had slight variations..depending on where the logo is (pharmacy, theater, grocery, etc) the variation of the logo could have relevance to where it is...like the frying pan one at an eating area.

    if the variations is too much...i like just the barcode idea in general. i DO think youll need to change it up a little...because ive seen this be used before.