CAD and Sketchup Preliminary Models

Here's a screenshot of my progress for the market configuration for the village. This is the basic plan for the container configuration. The market is 19 containers across. The first two floors will be used for storage and delivery. The third floor, shown up-close, is where the most manipulation of the containers happen, using 20' and 40' containers together. These are where the entrances for each shop are found. The fourth floor will again be made of 40' containers again and will contain additional retail space as well as office spaces for each business.

Here's a screenshot of the first three floors of the markets in Sketchup mode. You get a better idea of how these containers relate to each other and how the entrances will feel. In a previous post, I was debating if I should keep each business individual or link them together into one giant market. But as my professor suggested, why make it out of containers if you don't emphasize the contained aspect of each business as an individual entity? So, they will be individual business kept together.

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