Basic Shipping Container Information

Click the picture above to get a link to a website with standard 40' and 20' shipping container dimensions.

I found a great source for free architectural CAD plans for a standard 40' shipping container that I plan to use and modify for my project. This will cut out hours of time trying to draw these CAD plans, and gives me a better idea of the area I have to work with. I also started working in Sketchup with premade 40' and 20' shipping container models, configuring them for some possible market layouts. I'm debating whether or not to make my market individual shops attached to each other, or make it one large market, more like a typical supermarket. Either way, it will be a different experience, but I think making the individual shops hearkens back to market streets, and this is more of the feeling I was going for. Sort of a modern interpretation of an old idea. The only example of this that I've been able to find that is even remotely close is the Dordoy Bazaar, a public market place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Most of the shops are shipping containers stacked two high, with the lower container as the actual retail space and the upper container as additional storage. This is an idea I am incorporating into my design, only reversing the arrangement and working with shipping containers stacked four high.

Here's a screen shot of my current Sketchup progress. I'm going to post some inspirational images of looks I want to achieve in each of my market spaces. Should I combine them as a giant market or keep them as individual markets next to each other?

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