Background Information

Ecommodate as a component will reuse 20' and 40' insulated ISO shipping containers. These will be repurposed to create approximately 24 residential units as well as a market street facility that will include a deli, bakery, dairy store, fresh produce market, bike shop and general store with pharmacy. When these components come together to create an urban village, they will be placed in the historical Mid-City Perkins Road Overpass area in the heart of Baton Rouge, LA along the railroad track that runs underneath this overpass. The proposed market street will be made of stacked shipping containers and will also serve as a sound barrier to the adjacent residential units. It will be a non-traditional take on popular mixed-use environments that combine residential and retail buildings.

There have been several concerns with this type of environment and whether or not its a feasible location. Certainly having homes this close to a railroad gives rise to sound and safety concerns. The reasoning behind this selection is the practicality of it. Since shipping containers are carried by train, it makes drop-off quick and simple. It also lends itself to the style of an urban village, and the pictures of the site below will show you this. This is not intended to be a traditional neighborhood setting, but a place that appeals to the under-30 crowd.

For a powerpoint book explaining the whole project, click
here. I welcome any questions you may have, and will explain in further detail in future posts.

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