Many changes... a long overdue posting

After my mid-term review, a lot of changes have been made to my project that will make it more feasible and practical, while at the same time enhancing its visual appeal. Instead of having a seperate market area and separate housing, I decided if I really wanted to keep with an old shopping market feel, then I could incorporate housing above each shop. It would be going back to old ways of living above your work environment, or the shop owners would have the option to rent out the apartments above for extra income. I have also decided to make the market three-four containers high, with the first level being recessed into the ground. Delivery will be made underneath with a tunnel that is built below ground level. More details of this to come in later postings. Also, the overall layout is now staggered and multi-leveled. This compliments the site much better- before I was planning the layout seperate from the site, just placing a "box of boxes" into an awkward space. Now, I am trying to make the most of this unusual space and angled property lines and make a unique layout that treats the shipping containers more like "legos" and less like a group of boxes. Some pictures are posted below to show the evolution of the site. More to follow.

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  1. Great Progress in three months. I enjoy your ideas and work.

    I was thinking after Katrina about the use of containers on top of a foundation of pallet like Trex material. The pallets would have an standardization of water/sewerpiping and electrical so that they could fit together lego style as well. Surrounding the piping and conduit would be filled with ping pong balls to make the units buoyant in case of flooding.

    Then one could use them for disaster housing. Snap the Trex pallet underlinings together to connect housing/water etc. And use the same size/shape flat pieces between segments for walkways etc. This too would contain the standard water/elec layout. I was thinking this would probably work best as a cross shaped core in all layouts.

    If I could make one comment about your layout. I would love to see it duplicated and facing each other or something similar. I love the idea of a "street" feeling. That combined with your height gives the whole thing that great cross between "street" and "cathedral". Good luck. I will be dropping in to see your progress.